Slade Decades 1966...

October 2019


19.10.2019 Radio Suomi, Entisten nuorten sävellahja: Gudbuy T'Jane


THE BEATLES A hard day's night 1 point
BARRY MCGUIRE Eve of destruction  0  points
SLADE Gudbuy T'Jane 11 poins
HANOI ROCKS Tragedy 9 points
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Free bird 8 points
POPEDA Kaasua, komisario Peppone 8 points
DOLLY PARTON Coat of many colors 4 points
QUEEN Bohemian rhapsody 6 points
JOHN LENNON Imagine 7 points
MONA CARITA Elämä on totta 2 points
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Who'll stop the rain 6 points
HURRIGANES Tallahassee Lassie 9 points

Black Country Slade star Don Powell talks ahead of Wolverhampton homecoming


Shropshire Star 17.10.2019

"For more than half a century he has been the Bilston Bangin' Man, the energetic drummer behind the unique sound of glam rock favourites Slade.

But when Don Powell returns to his old stamping ground tonight, he will need to take things a little easier – on doctor's orders.


"I will probably be playing the tambourine," he jokes.


Don, now 73, will be appearing – appropriately enough ­– at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton, with his latest musical collaboration: Don Powell's Occasional Flames.


Tonight's show will be the first public outing of the new project, which sees him team up with Nottinghamshire-based musician Les Glover and poet Paul Cookson.
"It was during the Slade Christmas tour on December 27, I was waiting at Retford railway station for a train to Wakefield when I just went crashing to the floor and I couldn't get up," he says.
"Both legs were bent behind me and I couldn't move them, and when I go to the hospital they told me I had snapped the tendons in both knees."


Since then Don has been in physio, and has been told he risks permanent injury if he plays the drums.


Don says he hopes to return to Slade with lead guitarist Dave Hill, but was told he must take at least a year out.

"At the moment they are carrying on with a couple of stand-in drummers."
The show will be the first opportunity to hear new recorded material featuring Don for the first time.


It will also mark the launch of the band's Christmas single It Isn't Really Christmas Until Noddy Starts To Sing, with the seven-inch record being released on vinyl for the first time.


Fans will also get the chance to see the video before it is released on social media.


It will be followed tomorrow by the Slade Fans Convention, also at The Slade Rooms. The event will include quizzes and exhibitions, as well as a performance by tribute band Slade UK on the evening. Further guests at the event include Pouk Hill Prophetz, The Original Wanted, Slady, Andre Heagen and Kenny Bell. "


9.10.2019 Radio Suomi Rock-lähteet "Know Who You Are"


"Olipa kerran rock'n'roll, eikä se mihinkään kadonnut. Rock-etsivä löytää. Toimittajana Kalevi Pollari."


1. Eddie Cochran: C'mon everybody (9.10.1958).
2. Ramblers: Something else (1979).
3. Ernos: Tallahassie Lassie (Kulttuuritalo, 1969).
4. The Flaming Sideburns: High time (1996).
5. Hurriganes: I will stay (1974).
6. Slade: Know who you are (Lontoo: Command Theatre, lokakuu 1971, Slade Alive!).
7. Ramones: Rockaway Beach (Lontoo: Rainbow Theatre 31.12.1977, It's alive).
8. Popeda: Mauno soittaa stereoo (Ikurin Virelä 1981, Raakaa voimaa).
9. Mantelikala: Pakko kuunnella Popedaa (2019).
10. John and Beverley Martyn: Auntie Aviator (1970).
11. Cream: SWLABR (1967).
12. Eddie and the Hot Rods: The Beginning of the end (1977).


Noddy Holder inerview by Arto Nyberg from 19xx at the end of November. 2019!



Re-issue of Don Powell's

'Look Wot I Dun -

My Life In Slade'

released 3.10.2019


The re-issue of the book 'Look Wot I Dun - My Life In Slade' by Lise Lyng Falkenburg and Don Powell has been released 3rd October 2019.


The book has a new chapter - detailing what Don has been up to over the last seven years since the book was originally published.


There will be a special slipcase edition (500 copies only) that contain a special signed Christmas Card from Don.