Slade Decades 1966...

November 2019


3.11.2019 Radio Suomi: Rock-tähteet - Slade and Noddy Holder


Noddy Holder "live", accapella on Radio Suomi (Finland) in Manchester 1994, Slade ... "And yet the voice of Noddy...Huh, huh!"


1. Toni Basil: Mickey
2. Joan Jett & Blackhearts: ACDC

7. Slade: Coz I love you
8. Slade: Merry X-mas everybody
9. Slade: Cum on feel the noize
10. Slade: Everyday
11. Slade: Far far away


28:00: "And now finally in this Rock-tähteet series, the group that is almost totally built on their own songs... Not jytä, not purkka, but completely of their own kind of music. Nyberg and Neville chatted in this way in 1994..."

Pyhäinpäivä - Saints Day; "Far, Far Away"


Finland's main radio channel Radio Suomi has respected the Saints Day on 2nd of November 2019 with two versions of the saint men's "Far, Far Away"; Noddy Holder acoustic (an advertisement for the forthcoming replay of Noddy Holder interview) and Miljoonasade ("Tie tiettömään") with a symphony orchestra in a live concert in September 2019.


On Saints Day 2.11.2019 Dave Hill plays with Slade in Copenhagen, 1.11. also in Denmark, Horsens, and 3.11. in Malmö, Sweden.

Re-release of "Am I The Greatest Now" in January 2020


Jim Lea remixed and remastered 'Am I The Greatest Now?' single will be released on Friday 3rd January 2020 (download only on Wienerworld).