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Don Powell's Occasional Flames


6.12.2019 Liverpool, Renshaw 81 7-11pm


"An audience with Slade's Don Powell featuring Les Glover & Paul Cookson (The Occasional Flames) for a night of stories, songs and



11.12.2019 Wolverhampton, Waterstones 5-9pm Don's book signing meeting ("Look Wot I Dun", "Know Who You Are")



Slade back ome from Gibraltar for two shows in the UK


Slade started September with concerts in Essen, Germany and Gibraltar 6.-8.9.2019. Thanks to strikes by British Airways they got stuck for three days in Gibraltar. Now they are back home in the UK, where they have gigs in Brighton 21st and Bognor Regis the next day 22nd of September.


The Concorde 2 show in Brighton is a rescheduled event that should have happened on 29th December 2018, but it was then cancelled because of Don's sudden tendons problems. Don, who had his Birthday 10th of September is now in good recovery process, and there is a hope to see him still in the autumn back on stage. In the picture Don behind his drum set in June at home in Denmark.



29.6.2019 Blaker, Norway


Slade's last gig in June will be on Saturday 29th in Blaker, Norway, close to Oslo's airport.

1.5.2019 Slade in Wroclaw, Poland


 Slade is the headliner of a 3-day festival in Wroclaw on first of May 2019. Finnish singer Tarja Turunen will end the festival on third of May.

4.4.2019 Dave 73 years

23.3.2019 Minehead resort holidays at Butlins


Slade's first shows in 2019 in Finland

 1.3. Oulu

2.3. Kuopio

Start to Autumn 2018: UK - Poland - Czech Republic


Slade's summer of 2018 ended 31st of August at Riverside rock festival in Switzerland. Autumn 2018 gigs started 9th of September in the UK at Calbourne, continuing in October in Poland, Czech Republic and the UK, in November Ukraine and Israel. The year ends with the traditional Xmas tour in the UK.


9.9.18 Calbourne, UK: The Widget festival 

22.9.18 Bognor Regis, UK: We love the 70's
23.10.18 Warsaw, Poland: Warsaw Rock Night
25.10.18 Brno, Czech Republic: Sono music club
27.10.18 Prag, Czech Republic: Lucerna Palace


Dave 'H' Hill 4.4.
Happy Easter !

Steve Whalley with Jukebox Heroes at Back on stage festival in Bree, Belgium 23.3.2018


Slade in Bree at Vostertfeesten 26.8.2018

"Somethin' Else" (Slade 1980)

Vogtland und Oberlausitz calling


On Slade front not so much going on in March after a great Danish weekend (1.-3.3. Copenhagen, Sonderborg, Holstebro), and we're off to Germany on Friday morning 9th March: 10.3. Kammlauf in Klingenthal (Vogtland) 26,253 km, 11.-19.3. Oberlausitz.


In Klingenthal lots of skiing events in February-March, amongst others...


- 10.-11.3. Kammlauf, Euroloppet

- 18.-19.3. World Cup in Nordic combined


Below some photos from our visit in Klingenthal 9.-13.3.2017.

Wintersleep till Denmark, March 2018 ?


Next Slade live dates in 2018 after two concerts in the UK (27.1. Minehead and 3.2. Bognor Regis) will be three dates in a row in Denmark:


1.3. Copenhagen, Docken
2.3. Sonderborg, Broager Sparkasse Skansen
3.3. Holstebro, Musiktheatret


Sonderborg 2.3.


Kendte 30.11.2017:


"Glam Rock-bands i dobbeltkoncert


I 2018 kan du opleve to af de helt store Glam Rock-bands, når de i en dobbeltkoncert giver koncert i Danmark.
I 2018 giver to legendariske Glam Rock-bands koncert i Danmark.


Det sker samme aften – den 2. marts – i en dobbeltkoncert i Broager Sparekasse Skansen i Sønderborg.


Slades hits har holdt sig friske gennem årene og står skarpe den dag i dag.


Slades udødelige hits


Mega-hittet ”Merry Xmas Everybody” bliver stadig råspillet hver december måned. Men også mange andre af deres hits har vist sig at være udødelige, bl.a. ”My Oh My, Far Far Away” og ”Run Runaway”.


De oprindelige medlemmer Dave Hill og Don Powell er stadig aktive i bandet, og spilleglæden er intakt.


Koncerten finder sted i Broager Sparekasse Skansen i Sønderborg den 2. marts klokken 20."

Ready for Kammlauf 10.3.2018


Slade's first gig 2018 at Minehead on Sunday 28.1.2018
Thanks to Rudolf for the picture from Robin2, Bilston 15.12.2017. Slade are back in Robin 2 for the third time in a row 23.12.2018!

Dave Hill in the air and on stage 18th November 2017

BBC Radio 4 18:15: Dave Hill


Clive Anderson and Sara Cox are joined by Dave Hill, Ashley Jensen, Blake Morrison and
David Hoyle for an eclectic mix of conversation, music and comedy.
With music from Mac DeMarco and The Burning Hell on Saturday 18th Nov @18:15 on BBC Radio 4


Slade on stage: Nottingham Albert Hall Conference Centre

An Intimate evening with Slade's Dave Hill

Bilston Robin 2 14.11.2017

So here it is, the autobiography by Dave Hill

 Dave's autobiography has been released in November 2017.

QSP European release, London drum show

 Don will be appearing at Olympia London by London drum show on Sunday 12th November 2017.


QSP (Quatro, Scott, Powell) album is released in Europe in October 2017.


The autumn of 2017 is landing slowly here in Finland and the first two weeks have been pretty rainy but warm +15-20 degrees. There are though many things and happenings that will bring sunshine in Slade fans autumn.


On the 1st of September Jim Lea released a new single "All Coming Back To Me Now". At the first weekend in September Slade Rocked the Boat on a cruiser around the northern UK. The autumn will finish with an annual Merry Xmas tour in the UK.


Don celebrated his birthday (10.9.) in Belgium after the Classic Rock concert at La Hulpe on Saturday evening 9.9., and then at home in Silkeborg, Denmark. On the first weekend in October Slade make two concerts in Denmark; 5.10. Aabenraa and 6.10. Silkeborg.


Dave Hill's autobiograph will be published in November. Dave will be doing many promoting events including "An Intimate evening with Slade's Dave Hill" at Robin 2 in Bilston, Wolverhampton 14.11.2017. Later in December Slade play again at Robin 2 on 15th December.


Jim Lea is also doing "For One Night Only - An Audience with Jim Lea" evening at Robin 2 5th November. Jim has done lots of radio interviews in the late summer in order to promote his new releases and re-releases:

- New single: 'All Coming Back To Me Now' release 1.9.2017
- New DVD: 'For One Night Only' (Live at The Robin), Jim's only live solo concert in Bilston November 2002
- ​New DVD screening & Q&A at The Robin, Bilston on 5 Nov 2017
- CD: 'Therapy' re-release of Jim's solo album from 2007 with bonus tracks
- Double LP: 'Therapy'


On the first three quarters of 2017 Slade have been playing in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Liechtenstein and France. And Don was downunder in Australia on tour with QSP (Quatro, Scott, Powell)  in February and March.


27.8.2017 A new day festival, Faversham, UK

19.8.2017 Sävsjö festival in Sweden
12.8.2017 Deux-Sevres, France

Slade concerts in Germany in July 2017:

14.7. Rheinbach...31.7. Lübbenau

Slade tour in the Middle Europe in July.

August will be a "scandinavian month" with gigs in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Slade gigs July 2017, and our holiday in Oberlausitz singing "Summer song wishing you were here"
So far, Flame on the banks of Elbe, just a dream. But we will welcome Slade-Uwe and Sweet Marion in Oberlausitz 29.6.2017!

Start to July in Liechtenstein and Austria

1.7. Malbun, Liechtenstein

8.7. Leoben, Austria


Jim Lea interview on Switch Radio 22.5.2017 4pm


Jim’s interview with Dave Gordon of Switch Radio on Sunday 22.5.2017 4pm on his “Made In Brum” show.

4.4. Happy Birthday, Dave !

Dave Hill's autobiography "My story"

"Hi, it's Dave here, from Slade.


Over the years, when people hear stories about my life, they always say: 'Write it down, Dave!'


So, I've written my autobiography for you, my fans, and for my family, especially my grandkids. I turned seventy this year and for fifty of those years Slade have been a major part of my life. It seems the right time to finally to share my story with you. I've got plenty of funny tales but also some others which show that my life hasn't been all rock 'n' roll.


Most of all, I wanted to tell it as it is, and tell it my way, that's why I'm publishing my book with Unbound.

I'll always be the boy from Wolverhampton, where I still live, with my wife of over forty years, surrounded by my kids and grandkids. I'm also still Dave Hill, Superyob, rocking the world with Slade!"


Slade's last gigs in 2016


21.12. Cambridge, UK: The Junction
22.12. Brighton, UK: Concorde 2

Slade special by Jean Voortmans on FM Goud (Belgium) 18.12.2016


"Fan of Slade? So are we! That's good, ' cause Sunday we have guest Jean Voortmans. He is the organiser of the Back on Stage 2017 Stad Bree, but... also - we believe - the biggest Slade-fan in the world! He knows the gentlemen personally and could get to (Christmas) songs that never before on the radio broadcast. And when we came up... smile emoticon:-) the result is a fantastic Slade-special! Now Sunday morning between 11 am-12 pm on your FM Goud."


"S L A D E on FM GOUD ......sunday18/12 - 11.00 -12.00 ....... with XMAS SONGS......SO play it LOUD
iiitttttttt's XMASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssss !"


Great work, Jean !


Speellijst 13.12.2016: Merry Xmas Everybody at least 4 times; Slade and Steps

17.12.2015 Robin 2, Bilston

Last dates of Slade's Christmas tour 2016 in the UK

16.12. Bilston, Wolverhampton: The Robin 2
17.12. Salisbury: City Hall
18.12. Wrexham: William Aston Hall

21.12. Cambridge: Cambridge Junction
22.12. Brighton: Concorde


At the moment it seems that the first gig in 2017 will be in Minehead at Giants of rock festival 27.-30.1.2017. Don will be then touring with the QSP the whole February in Australia.

10.9.2016 Happy Birthday to the very great Don Powell !

10.9.2016 BBC Radio Wales: Gaz (Top) Jones interviewing Jim Lea

We'll be rockin'n'rollin' in Kelbra with other German Slade fans!