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November 2017 

Radio Suomi, Onnen sävel 18.11.2017

Mikä ei kuulu joukkoon!?

1. KIKKA LAITINEN - Karjalan kunnailla
2. ESKO RAHKONEN - Syvä kuin meri
3. MATTI VILJANEN - Valssi menneiltä ajoilta
6. EIJA KANTOLA - Vanha swingi
7. PAULA KOIVUNIEMI - Aikuinen nainen
8. HECTOR - Nallen syntymäpäivä
9. JOPE RUONANSUU - Rakastan turkulaisia
10. KATRI HELENA - On elämä laulu
11. TEEMU ROIVAINEN JA SAARA AALTO - Sydämesi tyhjä huone
12. MIREILLE MATHIEU JA PATRICK DUFFY - Together we're strong
13. JOHANNA KURKELA - Tänä aamuna
15. TOPI SORSAKOSKI - Kannukseen
16. SLADE - Run run away


Slade guitarist Dave Hill launches autobiography at Robin 2

Express & Star by Annabal Bagdi 15.11.2017:


"It was the night diehard Slade fans across the Black Country had waited years for.


So it was no surprise guitarist Dave Hill lived up to expectations when he finally launched his hotly-anticipated autobiography, revealing the man behind all those extravagant costumes.


Dubbed So Here It Is: How the Boy From Wolverhampton Rocked the World With Slade, he joined crowds of fans to celebrate the newly-penned title on Tuesday.


Speaking to the Express & Star ahead of his show at The Robin 2, the performer said: "Launching a book is the first thing I have done for myself, I have always done everything in Slade.


Booms of applause and roaring cheers welcomed Dave to the intimate venue, as DJ Mike Read stood poised ready to talk about the musician's 'fascinating' life.


With his Cheshire Cat grin and his charming wit, the star had the crowd in stitches within just minutes of boldly strolling on to the Bilston stage.


The performer credited sister Carol for inspiring him to leap into the entertainment industry - as she lovingly watched on from the front row before later joining her brother on stage.



Discussing his flamboyant wardrobe choices over the years, Dave said: "I was not going to be like any other. I was going to be myself."


Slade news April 2019

Don with Paul Cookson in the autumn 2018

Don Powell's Occasional Flames


As a side venture to Slade Don has formed a band along with Paul Cookson and Les Glover and it is to be called Don Powell's Occasional Flames. The band are playing all original songs, all kinds of styles. They’ve written all the songs together, having as good as made an album - and still have a lot more songs to record.

A website for the new band will open on 1st June with all the news on band appearances and recordings:

The full Slade back catalogue release across all digital service providers


"It has been announced that the full Slade back catalogue will receive a global digital release across all digital service providers on 12th April 2019, bringing their music to a new generation of fan. So Slade will be on Spotify."

Dave Hill 73 (top year) on Thursday 4th April 2019



 Long interviews of Dave from the beginning of 2019 in Rock and Roll Globe: