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2017 September

Glam-rockens konger gæster Gazzværket

Jydske Vestkysten 25.9.2017:


"Torsdag den 5. oktober slår Gazzværket dørene op for sit første store internationale navn, når 70'er ikonerne fra den engelske glamrock-periode Slade går på scenen.

Aabenraa: Man skal vel have "måne" og ansats til bodegamave for rigtigt at kunne huske Wolverhampton-bandet Slade, der fra 1971 til 76 havde 16 top 20-hits - heraf seks, der lå på førstepladsen.


Men har man det - og måske i tilgift lidt for store bakkenbarter, så er man uden tvivl målgruppen, når det engelske band torsdag 5. oktober går på scenen i Gazzværket.


Slade røg dengang til tops med hele fire af sine album, og selvom samtidige bands som Sweet, Suzi Quatro, T-Rex og selv David Bowie gjorde det godt dengang, så var Slade det ned på jorden-arbejderklasseband, der igen og igen trak fulde huse og solgte lp-plader og singler i stakkevis.


Holder er i dag en ældre herre, og sammen med bassisten Jimmy Lea har han forladt bandet. Så nu må Don Powell og Dave Hill have hjælp af Mal McNulty og John Barry, men "sounden" er stadig den gode gamle kendte hårdtslående glamrock.


I 2006 i forbindelse med Slades 40-års-jubilæum blev hele deres bagkatalog genudgivet af Union Square Music, ligesom deres film "Flame" atter udkom på DVD.


Slade starter sin optræden i Gazzværket kl. 20."

Slade weekend in the UK 23.-24.9.2017

Saturday 23.9. Slade at Lincolnshire Showground, Grange-de-Lings, Lincoln


Sunday 24.9. ​Don attending the UK Drum Show, Manchester


Don will be attending the UK Drum Show in Manchester on Sunday 24th September. He will be in attendance at the event with his old mate, Paul Burgess of 10CC.


Slade in German press September 2017

GoodTimes 5/2017:


"68 Slade (Noddy Holder)  Reunion? Abgelehnt! "





"Slade Alive!" erscheint zum 45. Geburtstag neu


5. September 2017


"Slade Alive!" erschien original am 24. März 1972 und war das erste Live-Album der britischen Rock-Band Slade. Die LP erreichte Platz 2 der UK Album-Charts und konnte sich auch in den Billboard Top 200 in den USA (#158) platzieren. Seit der Veröffentlichung zählt die Scheibe zu den populärsten Live-Alben aller Zeiten.


"Noddy Holder’s not just for Christmas!"

Express & Star/Andy Richardson 15.9.2017:


"You know, when he thinks that other people imagine he lives in a cave for 51 weeks of the year and only comes out at Christmas. Because Christmas – or, more accurately, Chriiiiiiiistmaaaaaas, is the thing that Noddy Holder is best known for. And it’s only September. God luv ‘im."


A veteran at the ripe old age of 71, he loves pizza, a beer, was awarded the Freedom of Walsall in 2014 and remains a dyed-in-the-wool fan of Wolverhampton Wanderers...


Nod is back on the promo trail for his new album – actually, it’s an old album – Slade Alive!
It’s easy to underestimate the importance of Slade. Four lads from Walsall, Bilston, Wolverhampton and Holbeton, in Devon – that’s Dave, though he soon moved to Wulver’ampten, at the age of one, before attending Highfields Secondary School.
Forty five years on, Noddy still loves it. Remarkably, it’s his favourite record. “I think it had the essence of what Slade was all about as a band. It was very basic and raw, it captured a mood and it also helped set us apart from other pop acts. We weren’t just a singles band anymore – we had a credible, raunchy hit album too. We were pop and we were cool. It was perfect.”

It’s easy to let the mists of time dull our memories of Slade’s magnificence and only think of them when it gets to Christmas. We shouldn’t, however. Because as Slade Alive shows; at their best, they were completely untouchable. "

Slade alive 1972 ... 2017

Don Powell interview by Dave Jennings in Louder Than War on Don's birthday 10.9.2017:


"Slade Interviewed: Don Powell on the Legendary Slade Alive Album

Slade drummer previews the re-release of iconic live album, talking to Dave Jennings for Louder Than War.


Slade Alive is released on 29th September 2017 as a BMG Art of the Album Deluxe edition on vinyl LP with a 6-page 12” booklet and CD with hardback cover and 28-page booklet."

The So What! Interview – Lars Ulrich & Iggy Pop

26.4.2017 So What!


"IP: You know, I played a gig with Slade.

LU: Wow, what, back in like the ’73 to ’75?


IP: Yeah, and I’m told that their roadie chased me around the hotel with an axe [laughing]. I don’t know if it’s true or not. But it was J. Geils Band, Slade, and T.

LU: Was that in England or was it in the States?

IP: The US. And they could play. You know, they could really, really play.


LU: Noddy Holder had an almost, like a – when I go back and listen to some of those songs there’s almost like a Lennon-esque quality to his songwriting.

IP: Yeah, right, that voice.


LU: Yeah. And there was a kind of a poetic undertone. Because they often get dumped in with like The Sweet, and you know, some of those guys which were maybe not quite as deep, but Noddy Holder really had substance.

IP: They were pretty harsh. They could bang it, you know?"


Noddy Holder on the Northern Belle train 4.11.2017

The Chester Chronicle:


"Chester passengers urged to join Slade star Noddy Holder aboard the Northern Belle train


Chart-topper will be guest of honour for a night of decadence on November 4..."


Slade news April 2019

Don with Paul Cookson in the autumn 2018

Don Powell's Occasional Flames


As a side venture to Slade Don has formed a band along with Paul Cookson and Les Glover and it is to be called Don Powell's Occasional Flames. The band are playing all original songs, all kinds of styles. They’ve written all the songs together, having as good as made an album - and still have a lot more songs to record.

A website for the new band will open on 1st June with all the news on band appearances and recordings:

The full Slade back catalogue release across all digital service providers


"It has been announced that the full Slade back catalogue will receive a global digital release across all digital service providers on 12th April 2019, bringing their music to a new generation of fan. So Slade will be on Spotify."

Dave Hill 73 (top year) on Thursday 4th April 2019



 Long interviews of Dave from the beginning of 2019 in Rock and Roll Globe: