Slade Decades 1966...

July 2017 

Jim Lea special on Oban FM 1.8.2017 8pm

'In conversation with Jim Lea' Elaine Lamb on Oban FM on Tuesday 1st August from 8pm: The chat I had with Jim Lea in July 2017, music from Slade and also featuring the album 'Therapy' & upcoming single 'All Coming Back To Me Now' Release date 1st September 2017."

Jim Lea radio day 1.8.2017

Jim has a full day of radio interviews lined on Tuesday 1st of August. He will complete nine radio interviews, for stations all around the UK, in one day. Three of the interviews are being broadcast live, and the others are pre-records for near future transmission.

Jim will be promoting his new single: 'All Coming Back To Me Now' - and the 'Therapy' album will undoubtedly be getting mentioned too.


The schedule is as follows:

11.15:  BBC Radio Cornwall – LIVE with David Whit
11.40:  BBC Radio Northampton – LIVE with Olly Mann
then    BBC Radio Stoke – Pre record with Terry Walsh for Afternoon Show
             BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester – Pre record with Tammy Gooding
13.30:  BBC Radio Solent (Southampton) – LIVE with Alex Dyke
then    BBC Radio Suffolk – Pre record with Stephen Foster
             BBC Radio WM – Pre record with Paul Franks
             BBC Radio Berkshire – Pre record with Phil Kennedy
finally BBC Radio Wales – Pre record with Alan Thompson


I won't let it appen agen

Tales From a Former Fanzine Journalist, Dee Snider/Twisted Sister interview 4.7.2017:


"And then I must have professed my undying devotion to Slade. I'm guessing I said something idiotic because I didn't bother to transcribe it. However, Dee replied in a most unexpected way - which kept him on the phone for another 10 minutes.


DEE: "Slade!!! You're a Slade fan!? I LOVE Slade!!! I met Noddy Holder and I was bowing. 'I'm not worthy.' I never mentioned them because people are like, 'Who?' You were a BIG Slade fan?"


It would seem so. Again, I didn't transcribe whatever it was I said, but Dee's voice lowered from its usual roar to something resembling a conspiratorial whisper at this point.


DEE: "All right... I've never told anybody this, only because they wouldn't really appreciate it. I wonder sometimes where I get ideas for songs. Remember their song 'I Won't Let it 'Appen Agen'? (Sings) 'It's not gonna 'appen/No, it won't 'appen/I won't let it 'appen agen.' Well... (Sings) 'We're not gonna take it/No, we ain't gonna take it/We're not gonna take it anymore.'

'It's not gonna 'appen/No, it won't 'appen...'
'We're not gonna take it/No, we ain't gonna take it...'


'I won't let it 'appen...'
'We're not gonna take it...'




It's really subtle 'cause it's not the same melody. But the way it's laid out, it's the same pattern. And the rhythm of it is identical to Slade's song. I realized that years later. I'm a HUGE Slade fan!!! I saw Slade, and the next day I bought three of their albums. I was just decimated! They just blew me away! I have to go. It's been great talking to you. Two kindred spirits! And the last thing I wanna say is: BABY! BABY! BABY!"

A rare show in France 12.8.2017

Jim Lea's new single 'All Coming Back To Me Now'

Jim has just announced (4.7.2017) with a video presentation his new single release "All Coming Back To Me Now". The track will be available via download initially - through Wienerworld from 1st September 2017.