Slade Decades 1966...

2016 December 

Jouluaaton ilmasilta 24.12.2016


"Joulutervehdykset tarinoineen värittävät jouluillan lumoa niin kotimaassa kuin ulkomailla."


Jari, Kroatia: "Mulla on sellainen toive, jota ilman joulu ei lähde ikinä käyntiin. Sen tietää kaikki mun kaverit, kaikki mun lapset... Se on Slade-yhtyeen Merry Xmas Everybody."


1. SLADE - Merry Xmas everybody
7. RAJATON - Varpunen jouluaamuna
15. HELEN FISCHER - Stille nacht
20. THE BRIAN SETZER - My favourite things
24. JUSSI BJÖRLING O - Helga natt

"The best festive songs, chosen by Slade, ..."


The Guardian December 2016:


"Slade, Loretta Lynn, Run-DMC and Mike Batt have given us some all-time Christmas classics. But what’s the one Christmas song they couldn’t get through the holidays without? They – and other festive hitmakers – give us their picks


Wizzard I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day (1973)


Chosen by Jim Lea of Slade, whose 1973 single Merry Xmas Everybody is the definitive Christmas hit


I knew Merry Xmas Everybody was going to be massive, but I was mortified when I found out that everyone else was bringing Christmas songs out as well. I heard Elton’s one, Step Into Christmas, but I thought: “No competition.” Then I heard Roy Wood and Wizzard’s and the competition had arrived. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day is like a Phil Spector wall of sound, with everything on it, even a children’s choir. When I first heard it, it was so good that I remember joking: “I hope Roy gets run over by a bus.” We found out we’d gone straight to No 1 when we were on the Lift Off With Ayshea TV show, hosted by Roy’s girlfriend, Ayshea Brough. Wizzard had gone in at No 4. Soon afterwards, we were at a party at [Slade guitarist] Dave Hill’s neighbours’ and Roy was there. Eventually, he held out his hand and said: “Put it there, the best man won.” We were still shaking hands when I looked up at him and said: “Do you know what, Roy? I prefer your record.”


Also chosen by Showaddywaddy’s Dave Bartram, who spent Christmas 1974 singing Hey Mr Christmas

Andy Pickles of Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers, whose Spectacular Christmas Party album is an office-party staple


I love the Slade and Wizzard singles, and when we did the Jive Bunny record we had the pleasure of working with Noddy Holder and Roy Wood, who knocked on the studio door with crazy purple hair and pink glasses and ended up getting leathered with us after the recording. It was one of those brilliant, memorable moments with a legend, although some Christmas records can repel you as much as draw you in."


Puhelinlangat laulaa 23.12.2016 - yksi ei kuulu joukkoon!



"Yhteislähetys Ruotsinradion Sisuradion kanssa.Juontajina Tukholmassa Soili Huokuna ja Ismo Waronen. Pasilassa Markus Turunen ja Jyrki Koskenseppä"


"Se on helkkarin hieno kappale!...Silloinhan ne kaikki parhaat kappaleet tehtiin, 60-/70-luvulla. Siitä ei pääse mihinkään."


Huh, huh, varsinaisen sontaläjän joukkoon MXE-klassikkokin on täytynyt saada:


1. VESA-MATTI LOIRI - Valkea joulu
3. KAI JÄMSÄ - Jouluna ei tarvita lunta
4. TAPIOLAN YHTEISKOULUN KUORO - No onkos tullut kesä
5. JUHA TAPIO - Sylvian joululaulu
6. MARIAH CAREY - All I want is Christmas is you
7. JARI SILLANPÄÄ - Tuikkikaa, oi joulun tähtöset
8. VIENO KEKKONEN - Jollei jouluna ole lunta
9. KATRI HELENA - Joulumaa
10. MATTI JA TEPPO - Konsta Jylhän joululaulu
11. SLADE - Merry Xmas everybody
12. PEPE WILLBERG - Sydämeeni joulun teen
13. KARI TAPIO - Tahdon oikean joulun
14. ANDREA BOCELLI - White Christmas
15. HELENA SALO - Joulu, loisteesi luo
16. JAMPPA KÄÄRIÄINEN & TAASTAORKESTERI - Sitä se o Suomessa joulu


"Kyllä Slade is best. Pakkohan se on uskoa."

Dave Hill interview on BBC Wiltshire 17.12.2016


BBC Wiltshire, Sue Davis 17.12.2016: 2:12:40 - 2:23:48 Dave Hill interview

Britische Rockband Slade entert 2017 die Wotschofska


Lübbenau Das Spreewälder Live-Erlebnis "Rock in Wotschofska" startet im kommenden Jahr am 29. Juli. Die Besucher können sich auf zwei Bands freuen, die auf der kleinen Erleninsel für ordentlich Rock-Atmosphäre und gute Stimmung sorgen werden.


Mit Slade ist kein Geringerer als die erfolgreichste britische Band der 1970er-Jahre im Spreewald zu Gast. "Das ist Glam-Rock und Classic-Rock der besten Sorte. Die vier lassen es richtig krachen", sagt Daniel Schmidgunst, Organisator bei der Spreewald-Touristinformation Lübbenau.


Ihren musikalischen Anfang nahm Slade Mitte der 1970er-Jahre als N'Betweens, unter deren Namen sie von Gitarrist Dave Hill und Schlagzeuger Don Powell gegründet wurde, die beide noch die einzig verbliebenen Gründungsmitglieder sind. Eine wilde Zeit begann, die so erfolgreich wurde, dass alle ihre Singles in den britischen Top 20 landeten. Sechs davon auf Platz eins. Auch in Deutschland erlangte die Band Bekanntheit – darunter nicht nur Rocknummern, sondern auch eine Ballade wie "Far far away" oder der Weihnachtssong "Merry Xmas Everybody".


Der Vorverkauf beginnt am 6. Dezember. Tickets gibt es ab 10 Uhr in der Geschäftsstelle der Spreewald-Touristinformation Lübbenau, Ehm-Welk-Straße 15. Ab 0 Uhr wird zudem auf ein begrenztes Kontingent der Karten über den Online-Shop frei geschaltet. Die Abgabe ist auf maximal acht Tickets pro Person begrenzt.;art13825,5725594



Slade in Vive Le Rock 12/2016


Here are two of extracts (the editorial and Christmas top twenty) from MXE in the world's most informative rock magazine at the moment, Vive Le Rock.

Secret Santa, Metro UK 16.12.2016

Alltime best selling Christmas songs, Metro UK 16.12.2016

Slade special by Jean Voortmans on FM Goud (Belgium) 18.12.2016


"Fan of Slade? So are we! That's good, ' cause Sunday we have guest Jean Voortmans. He is the organiser of the Back on Stage 2017 Stad Bree, but... also - we believe - the biggest Slade-fan in the world! He knows the gentlemen personally and could get to (Christmas) songs that never before on the radio broadcast. And when we came up... smile emoticon:-) the result is a fantastic Slade-special! Now Sunday morning between 11 am-12 pm on your FM Goud."


Great work, Jean !


Speellijst 13.12.2016: Merry Xmas Everybody at least 4 times; Slade and Steps

Don Powell interview in Express & Star 9.12.2016


Slade drummer Don Powell talks ahead of anniversary shows


No man is more Black Country than Don Powell; Slade’s drummer has an accent thicker than the fat on KVE pork scratchings.
His vowels are rounder than the wheels of a JCB.


And the absence of ego and airs and graces makes him sound more like a metal basher who’s just done a shift on the production line rather than a rock star who helped ship millions of records.


In short, or, as Don himself might say: ‘heez a top bloke, ay ee. Proppa bostin’’.
And on December 16, Don and fellow Slade mainstay Dave Hill will return to where it all began. They’ll headline the Robin 2 to mark the band’s golden anniversary and belt out such classics as Get Down & Get With It, Coz I Luv You, Look Wot You Dun, Take Me Bak ‘Ome, Mama Weer All Crazee Now, Gudbuy T’Jane and Cum On Feel The Noize…, among others.


“I’m looking forward to it,” says Don, down the line from Prague.
Jim Lea came next. “Our original bass player, who was also called Dave, wanted to leave to settle down with his girlfriend. So we auditioned for a bass player and that was Jim Lea. He was the obvious choice.”


Noddy Holder was the final piece in the puzzle. Don and Dave wanted to form a band with two lead guitarists and Nod was playing with a group called The Mavericks. “We’d met Nod at the Park Hall and the Ship And Rainbow. We used to work together there. Then one day we saw him in Beeches Coffee Bar, in Wolverhampton. We just got chatting and he was on about leaving The Mavericks.
It was 1966, the year England won the World Cup, and excitement was in the air. The band took to the road, slogging around the toilet circuit to play anywhere and everywhere. “We were the best of mates – but we’d never buy each other a drink.” How Black Country is that? “We had a great relationship really. It was quite unique. And it was wild, of course it was.
They met a guy, Jack Baverstock, who signed them to Fontana records. And then something strange and brilliant and unexpected happened. Slade, four snotty-nosed kids from the wrong side of town, found themselves on a plane to the Bahamas. As you do.


Don laughs. “It was 1969. We got stranded there. We’d had this thing come through to go to the Bahamas. You imagine that, four scumbags from Wolverhampton going there. We’d never been outside Wolverhampton before. It was through this guy who used to watch us at St Giles Youth Club, in Willenhall. His sister had married this guy out there and they had an outlet in the Bahamas for an English band to entertain people. That’s how it came about.
When Slade touched down in the UK, they had the bit between their teeth because they’d been through so many difficulties. They met their new manager, Chas Chandler, who signed them to Polydor. For a while, they became skinheads. That was Chandler’s idea because he wanted to get them noticed. But pretty soon they followed their own path. Suddenly, they were unstoppable.


Don laughs. “It was chaos. It was mayhem. We couldn’t go anywhere because of the mania. We were at No1 in the charts and we were all still living with our moms and dads. You’d get crowds of people outside your parents houses wanting to see you.


“It was a fantastic feeling. They used to call us the resident band at Top of the Pops because we were on there so many times.


“It was like a rollercoaster. Our feet didn’t even touch the ground. We were in demand all over Europe. It was the rock’n’roll lifestyle, basically. It was a fantastic time. I’ll deny any artist or band to say they didn’t have a great time if they did that.


“Nod and Jim were coming up with great songs and everything was like a big whirlwind. We didn’t get back home much. We still lived with our parents and it wasn’t until ‘73 that we started to get our own places.”
“From ‘71 we were just non-stop on the road. In those days it was great. Each country in Europe had their own currency, there were no Euros.
“We were all mates before we’d made it so we knew each others’ likes and dislikes. We knew when to leave each other alone. There was never a problem.”
“It was great being on the road. It was the best part of it. Who else can look back and say they’ve been round the world? And we’re still doing it now. In the past few years we’ve been out to the old Communist states that we couldn’t visit before.”


The good times came to an end, of course, and Don looks back with equanimity. There are no grudges, no axes to grind. He’s sanguine about his time in the band, just grateful it happened.


“The thing is we still enjoyed playing live on stage so we just kept on going when we were no longer in the charts. We weren’t worried we couldn’t play the big concert halls, we just loved playing. We just swallowed our pride and played wherever we could. We had no ego. We just loved playing.


“When Nod and Jim left, Dave and I kept going. We wanted to carry on. There were still places that wanted us to play. I’ve got to tell you, it’s been fantastic.


“I’ve got more than 50 gold and silver discs on the wall in my home. I look at those and tell my son he can have them one day – as long as he doesn’t bloody sell them.”


Don keeps in touch with his old bandmates. “I catch up with Nod two or three times a year. A big gang of us get together at this pub-restaurant in London and we have the upstairs room and we have food and drink and we all put a few bob in. It’s a fantastic afternoon.
He’s formed a new band, too. And at the tender age of 70-years-young, he’s got a record deal with Sony and being asked to tour Australia. The band is QSP and comprises Suzi Quatro, Andy Scott and Don. “We have a great time. Sony have signed us and we’re off to Australia. We’ll just have a great time doing it.”


Don chronicled his stories in Look Wot I Dun, his well-received autobiography, and after 50 years with Slade he sees no end in sight.


“When I was 14, it was all boxing and running for Bilston Harriers. That was great. It was no women, no drink, nothing, just training. But everything went out the window when I found the drums.”


And then things got a little bit crazee.


Slade, featuring Dave Hill and Don Powell, are on at the Robin 2 in Bilston on Friday, December 16. Tickets cost £20 in advance and £22.50 on the door. Visit or call 01902 401211 for details.


Ilpo: Sorry Robin 2 16.12.2016 SOLD-OUT


By Andy Richardson




Dave Hill's autobiography "My story" out in 2017


Dave's autobiography " Dave Hill My Story" is going to be published in 2017 by Unbound:


"My Story is the autobiography of Slade's left-handed... and beloved guitarist. The man with the most iconic hairdo in music is telling the story of his amazing life. Never-seen-before photos and untold stories of Slade and Dave's life will all be in this amazing book."

New single from Jim: "Am I The Greatest Now"


Jim's  new single "Am I The Greatest Now" was played on BBC Radio 2 on Friday 9th December 2016 in Kenny Bruce program:


BBC Radio 2 Kenny Bruce 9.12.2016 Jim Lea

1:21 - 5:15 MXE
2:06:55 Am I The Greatest Now


Re-release of "Therapy":


Extra Bladet: En flaske sprut førte til julehit


Extra Bladet, Denmark 9.12.2016:


Dans Julekalender: En flaske sprut hjalp forsangeren i Slade til at give et 5 år gammelt nummer nyt liv


I 1973 var rockdrengene i Slade på toppen af deres game. Alle deres singler gik top fem på den engelske hitliste, og arbejderknægtene fra Nordengland var blevet idoler.


Forsangeren og sangskriveren, Noddy Holder, satte sig en aften ned med en flaske sprut og tanken om at skrive en julesang.

Han havde fundet en af sine ældre sange fra 1968 frem med titlen 'Old Rocking Chair' og mente, at den var god som basis for en tekst om jul.


"Jeg ønskede at skrive en julesang til almindelige mennesker, en julesang som også beskrev det ikke specielt romantiske og idylliske ved julen i almindelige engelske hjem", har han fortalt.


Nummeret ramte i den grad plet og har sidenhen været fast på hitlisten i England, år efter år. Derudover er den nu en fast sang i en stor bestanddel af juleplaylister.


Sangen indspiller over 15 millioner kroner årligt og er velsagtens den eneste, hvor en sanger fuldstændig uhæmmet brøler "It's christmaaaaaaaas".


Hør Dans Julekalender og 'Merry Christmas Everybody' her:

Yksi kaikkien aikojen joulu­hiteistä syntyi kahdesta pöytälaatikko­biisistä


A big article about MXE in Finland's biggest evening "newspaper" Ilta-Sanomat 8.12.2016


"Otetaan kahden muutamaa vuotta aiemmin hylätyn kappaleen aihiot, vaihdetaan teksti iloisen jouluiseksi ja huudetaan ”It’s Christmas!”. Suunnilleen näin syntyi yksi kaikkien aikojen joulu­hiteistä, Slade-yhtyeen Merry Xmas Everybody, joka on osoittautunut kirjoittajilleen myös eläketurvaksi.


– Ihmiset luulevat, että elän muun osan vuotta luolassa ja ilmestyn joka joulukuu huutamaan ”It’s Christmas”, Sladen entinen vokalisti Noddy Holder naurahti Guardianille vuosi sitten joulukuussa.


Single julkaistiin 7. joulukuuta 1973 ja se pomppasi suoraan Britannian singlelistan kärkeen. Suosio kesti joulun­ajan ylikin, sillä biisi keikkui listan kärjessä vielä tammikuun 1974 puolivälissä.

Sladen jouluhitti on säilyttänyt suosionsa läpi vuosikymmenten. Brittimediassa on arvioitu, että kappale tuo edelleen joka vuosi kirjoittajilleen Holderille ja Jim Lealle yhteensä noin puolen miljoonan punnan (lähes 590 000 euron) rojaltitulot. Kappale äänestettiin myös 2007 Britanniassa kaikkien aikojen joulubiisiksi.


Joululaulu Sladelta kuitenkin puuttui. Ratkaisu löytyi bändin biisintekijäkaksikon, laulaja-komppikitaristi Noddy Holderin ja basisti Jim Lean muutama vuosi aiemmin pöytälaatikoihin hautaamista biisiaihioista. Lean aiemmasta hahmotelmasta syntyi melodia ja Holderin aiemmin hylkäämästä materiaalista kertosäe. Holderin alkuperäisen biisikyhäelmän teksti vaihtui optimistiseksi brittiläisen perhe­joulun ylistykseksi.


Joulun ykköshitin kirjoittaneille Holderille ja Lealle Merry Xmas Everybodysta tuli toimiva eläkesuunnitelma, mutta bändin kaksi muuta jäsentä, soolokitaristi Dave Hill ja rumpali Don Powell eivät biisistä juurikaan ole kostuneet.


Hill ja Powell ovatkin edelleen kiertäneet Sladen nimellä festivaaleilla ja soittaneet talvisin risteilyaluksilla. Niin paljon vanhoja ristiriitoja on edelleen kytemässä, että taloudellisesti paremmin pärjänneet Lea ja varsinkaan Holder eivät rahakkaista tarjouksista huolimatta ole lämmenneet alkuperäisen, 1990-luvun alussa hajonneen Sladen paluulle."


Sources: Guardian, Daily Mail