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2016 March

Slade's Noddy Holder crazee for tiny tribute by Wolverhampton micro-sculptor Willard Wigan


Native Monster 14.3.2016:


"My god, it’s me! That’s brilliant! Thank you! It even looks like me!


These are the words of rock legend Noddy Holder after seeing a sculpture of himself in the eye of a needle.


The mind-blowing piece of art was created by micro-sculpting genius and the former Slade frontman’s fellow Black Country native Willard Wigan MBE, who hosted the opening of his homecoming exhibition at the Light House in Wolverhampton city centre.


The sculpture of Noddy is the main attraction at the exhibition, which features more than 20 miniature masterpieces.


All the works have been created in the eye of a needle, set on a plate and mounted underneath a microscope inside a perspex bubble. After becoming visibly emotional and shocked at the likeness of the tiny artwork to himself, in which he’s wearing a sharp suit and has his trademark wild hair, he warmly embraced and thanked the creator.


Noddy, 69, from Walsall, said: “To have someone who is at the top of the tree at what they do to make something like that, it’s probably the biggest honour I’ve ever had. He is the biggest and the best in the world at what he does.
On his incredible work of Noddy, Willard said: “When I set about to do this, I thought is there anybody worth me putting in the eye of a needle?


“Is there anyone from my home town that has made such a big influence on the world. Someone from the West Midlands.


“Then I thought, I know who he is, because my mum keeps singing his songs every Christmas! She’s passed away now but I still here her singing his songs.


“His name is Noddy Holder, one of the greatest rock legends of all time.”


Black Country legend the subject of micro sculpture


Birmingham Press 4.3.2016:


"Noddy Holder MBE in a Needle by Willard Wigan MBE.


The new micro-sculpture by the internationally renowned artist Willard Wigan MBE has been photographed ahead of its launch in his birth city in Wolverhampton in March.


To celebrate life and culture in the West Midlands and Black Country, Willard decided to create a miniature sculpture of Noddy Holder which is half the size of a full stop.


‘Noddy’, which takes up half the eye of a small needle, was made using Kevlar and crushed diamond particles from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter as its mediums. The tools used were personally manipulated and fashioned by Willard to include as a chisel, a shard of diamond, and a syringe as a style of holder.
There is a personal touch from Willard to Noddy, another Black Country legend. The buckle of his belt is made of fragments of white gold from Willard’s own chain. In response to the photograph, captured by photographer Nick Parsons with specialist camera equipment, Noddy Holder said “This is just brilliant! It’s a real honour to be sculptured, and I appreciate all the detail and painstaking work done by Willard”. He is looking forward to unveiling it at a private view and VIP launch at Light House."


Slade's Noddy Holder gives lecture at his old school in Walsall


Express & Star 25.2.2016:


"Rocker Noddy Holder took time out of his busy schedule to tell students at his old school about the history of his hometown.

Holder took a step back in time in more ways than one, returning to his former school, Walsall Academy, for the day.


The Slade frontman chatted at length to sixth form students about Bloxwich’s rich heritage, speaking to camera and posing for pictures.


The event was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which aims to teach students more about the history of the area they serve.

Holder attended the school when it was called T P Riley in the 1960s.


T P Riley was eventually demolished in 2001 before reopening as Walsall Academy two years later.


A band made up of supported learning students and staff from the academy also performed with Holder at Walsall Manor Hospital during a Christmas lights switch-on event two years ago."